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{ custom polymer clay portraits with people and pets }

Desk and wall portraits

Let me turn one of your unique moments into a one of a kind piece of art! I will create for you a handmade custom family portrait for desk or wall display, made entirely out of polymer clay, starting from your favorite picture that will be used as a guideline for the portrait.

The characters will have the same eyes color, clothes, and hair as the persons in your picture, with a cute cartoonish face, in my own style. You can add your pets as well to the portrait, for a complete family picture.

Jewelry portraits - PEOPLE

I can turn one of your special moments into unique portrait jewelry (necklace, brooch, earrings, etc.). It's a custom portrait, made entirely by me out of polymer clay, starting from your favorite photo, colors, and passions.

The characters will be created with a cute cartoonish face, in my own style.

Jewelry portraits - PETS

If you have a pet and you would love to have him always by your side, I can make for you a unique jewelry portrait with his face, to carry it around wherever you go.

It will be handmade entirely out of polymer clay ( the process doesn't involve painting) for a realistic look.


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{ from a dream to a wonderful reality }

  • 2010

    The beginnings

    I first started to create my own jewelry out of polymer clay, and all my friends and co-workers encouraged me to create for them too.

  • A new passion

    I've become more aware of the limitless possibilities and techniques that I could use, and I've made lots of experiments and items to acquire skills and experience.

  • From passion to a way of living

    Quit my 9 to 17 job in order to give my creative spirit space to manifest itself.
    Currently living a cheerful and simple life, enjoying the small things and my cozy workplace, where I'm creating bits of joy with my own two hands.

  • Be Part
    Of my


{ creator of happy things }

Hi, there! I’m Nico, a polymer clay enthusiast, based in Bucharest - Romania.

My journey started in 2010 when I first handcrafted my own jewelry out of polymer clay. Since then, I had a lovely ride, from a passion, a hobby, to a way of happy living, only from what I can create with my own two hands. I love turning lovely photos and memories into personalized polymer clay portraits, as unique gifts for you or your dear ones. I'm having a lot of fun making every portrait, it inspires me the story behind each one, and helps me give it that special touch that makes it personal and unique.

I’m the only one who's taking care of the entire process and I’m loving it!

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